Emily Weathers Kennedy is a writer, designer, stylist, and gardener. Her vision is captured in the written word as well as in the visual. Neither takes precedent. Both are the embodiment of a lifestyle that is aesthetic yet contemplative, beautiful yet mindful of a larger world beyond her own. She says: “As much as I would like, I cannot separate myself from the issues of the day. I love to create beautiful things, but I must use my voice to speak for people and matters I believe need a voice. I may live on a farm much like the proverbial island, but I also am a participant in a larger world, a larger society. As a creative person, I can no more focus on my lifestyle than my responsibility as a citizen of my country. Those things go hand in glove.” She laughs, “You might not like my politics, but you’re going to love my easy plan to spruce up a boring headboard.”