Gotta Love Pasta

I must’ve been Italian in another life.  I could eat noodles of some kind every day of the […]

Pundits Placing Blame

Bill O’Reilley’s rambling OpEd “Are You Poor?” begins with the statement, “The folks are getting hosed.”  Upon first […]

Grassroots and Tea Parties

Dang those pesky grass roots.  They take hold in your yard and spread like there’s no tomorrow, crowding […]

Happy Discoveries in the Kitchen

Ever had one of those aha moments when you tweak a recipe or find a new ingredient and […]

Heil Who?

I have wanted to begin a civics discussion ever since I saw posters of Barack Obama wearing a […]

Show Us the Goods

If you’ve read my blog “Inspirations” you know that I have been creating and crafting almost all of […]


Ever wonder what inspires creative people?  Well, I , too, used to wonder just where in the heck […]