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Turning Your Stainless Frig into a Photo Gallery

When we remodeled our kitchen we chose stainless steel for the countertops, commercial-style stove, refrigerator, and freezer. We opted to buy two separate appliances to gain as much refrigeration and freezer space as possible. And, purchasing Whirlpool instead of a brand like Sub Zero saved us $$$$ (thousands).

But stainless steel has its drawbacks.

The refrigerator and freezer, as often as I clean them using special products, never look pristine. To top that off, once when I had someone to help me clean for an event, she took it upon herself to clean the frig using something I still can’t identify. Brillo pads? Comet? Steel wool? Yikes! Needless to say, her wiping strokes are there staring at me every time I look at the darn frig. (FYI–replacing the door is as about as costly as replacing the whole refrigerator.)

Another drawback is that stainless is not magnetized. Now, if one is wont to clutter the frig door with too much stuff, this is not a bad thing. For me, a couple of photos on the frig in a little gallery of sorts make me happy.

For years I struggled with a perfect display method. The closest I found were rubber suction cups that have a little hook dangling. Some may have little clamps dangling. Either way, I didn’t like this idea much.

Then one day I found the perfect solution! Magnetized boards that suction to the refrigerator! They look like stainless and feel like stainless. They actually diminish the flaws in the surfaces that bug me so much. I ordered two, but one could attach as many as desired to the fronts of the appliances. They are a bit costly ($32.99 each for 13.5 x 11.5″) but well worth it.

I love my magnetic boards found after much searching on eBay. See