Morning Snuggle Time

Early morning, even before 5. Daddy leaves to get an early start with his work. I let the […]

Mommy to the Rescue

We retired for the night with great expectations. The sheets were just washed and smelling deliciously fresh.  I […]

Gertie, der Hund

It happened again on our anniversary.  Catherine called to tell us she was leaving the house with her […]

Learning to See Beauty

She is a stray if there ever was one. My daughter, A, found her in the middle of […]

Loving those Granddogs!

It is true what “they say” about people loving their grands.  I don’t have grandchildren yet, and for […]

Dog Family

We are officially dog people.  It’s not only because we have four dogs in our immediate family, one […]

I Love Dogs

Growing up I always wanted for us to be “dog people.”  My friends had dogs in their well-styled […]