Guest Blog by Claire Methvin : Arlo & Sissy, or The Good, The Bad, and The Puppy

So, as I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, being a dog parent is definitely an experience. For all you out there who are going through it with puppies like I am, I thought you might enjoy a laugh. So this is the short story of the lives of Arlo & Sissy during the last six months. In photographs.

In June, while Will & I were on our honeymoon, Arlo & Sissy spent a week with their grandparents. This is where they met Remy, their beloved baby (well, cousin). They both fell in love. Sissy let him chew her toes and held him between her legs when she lay down. Remy only weighed two pounds, and Arlo & Sissy were more like 30.

Arlo and Remy, kissing

Arlo and Remy, kissing

To speak for Arlo and Sissy, since this is their story — Our favorite thing to do is go running running. We especially love going to the park and chasing tennis balls. We make our dad le tired.

playing at the park

But it makes us so happy.


And then it makes us le tired, too.

But maybe that’s just because we love napping in the car…
We adore playing with our friends, too. Our favorites are our neighbors Zoe, Apollo, and Rocky (playing with us on the tennis court here).

running with Rocky

Sissy especially loves napping in strange positions, as many pups do. Here, she’s in her favorite chair.

And while this may not be easy to see (phone pic), she also loves sleeping with her bed in her mouth. She fluffs up the bed between her front legs first. And wakes up with a massive puddle of drool. She also likes trying to carry her large bed around like a toy.

nursing her beddie

Arlo & Sis both have certain games they like to play. For Arlo, it’s ball. Hands down. I’ll kick/throw the ball, and he’ll fetch it, carrying it back in his mouth and dropping it at my feet. He stands like this, staring at the ball until it moves again. On the tennis court, Arlo immediately (without training) mastered the art of jumping and catching the ball mid-air. He’s very athletic and could do this ALL DAY.

 Sissy prefers more subtle forms of entertainment. Here, she’s playing her favorite game – Where’s Sissy?

We aren’t always fun, though. We’re really very mischievous when we want to be. We often find ways to reach things that we normally wouldn’t be able to reach. This is what happens when Mom leaves the room: We chew up her metal wine stopper,

we peel her bananas and eat them, we eat her breakfast pastries,

we shuck and eat her sweet corn,

and we demolish Dad’s soccer ball that we formerly had loved so much.

We also don’t love bath or haircut time, even though they happen frequently. We’re voicing our dissatisfaction here after bath time while getting our after-bath brushing.

At the end of the day, though, we’re still the cutest, sweetest cuddlers around. Hands down. And good cuddles make any struggle worthwhile.

Love and licks to everybody!

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